Pricing Plans on offer

At Top Billings, we understand the importance of offering flexible and transparent costing options to meet our clients' diverse needs. Let's delve into the different costing options we provide, enabling you to achieve cost-efficiency and maximize the value of our BPO services.

Fixed Pricing Model:

Our fixed pricing model offers a straightforward and predictable cost structure. We collaborate closely with our clients to assess their requirements and scope of work, allowing us to provide a fixed, all-inclusive price for the specified services. This model is ideal when the project scope is well-defined, and there is minimal likelihood of significant changes during the engagement. It provides budgetary certainty, making it easier for organizations to plan and allocate resources.

We offer 12 month, 24 month and 36 month contracts.

Hourly Pricing Model:

For projects with dynamic requirements or uncertain workloads, our hourly pricing model offers flexibility and cost control. In this model, we charge based on the number of hours worked by our dedicated team members. This allows for agility in scaling resources up or down as needed, ensuring optimal cost efficiency. Hourly pricing is particularly advantageous when the project scope is likely to evolve over time or when you require intermittent support for specific tasks or projects.

Once Off Setup:

Top Billings offers a once-off setup/clean up solution in which we assist in resolving current obstacles at a once off fee.

Payment Terms:

► 30 days

► 60 days

► 90 days

► 120 days

We aim to comply with internal procurement policies and therefore accept the above payment terms: